Developer Support

The development of the YOYOW blockchain network and the YOYOW project relies on the support of third-party developers. The YOYOW Foundation is committed to creating powerful developer toolkits. Detailed development documentations enable developers to easily develop YOYOW-based web applications. And decentralized applications, while YOYOW Foundation is also operating a developer Telegram group. The developer support community operated by DPoS Club provides developers with a platform for answering questions and promoting communication.

YOYOW Development Documentations

YOYOW Middleware Github Repository


YOYOW Github Repository

YOYOW Developer Forum

(operated by DPOS.Club)

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YOYOW Association

The YOYOW Association focuses on nurturing and supporting the eco-project in YOYOW community and third-party communities. The YOYOW Association supports the YOYOW Community Ecological Project on infrastructure, funding, education, promotion, development and distribution.

YOYOW Community Ecosystem Projects

The YOYOW Community Ecosystem Project is a project supported by the YOYOW Association and developed and maintained by well-known third-party developers using the YOYOW blockchain core API or middleware.

*These projects are not directly developed and maintained by the YOYOW Foundation, and use of these projects is at your own risk.

Joomla! Extension For YOYOW Blockchain

Joomla! Extension For YOYOW Blockchain is an extension of the middleware development based on the YOYOW blockchain. Websites using the Joomla! open source project can interact with the YOYOW blockchain through this extension. The current version of this extension provides the YOYOW authorized login feature, and future versions will support content storage, rewards, and content incentives.

Version number: 1.0
Developer: Jensen Technologies


Homeland Integrated with YOYOW

Homeland Integrated with YOYOW is the Homeland release version integrated with YOYOW. The project is built on the open source forum system Homeland, and is bound by YOYOW middleware and YOYOW chain data (such as account system).


Homeland Integrated with YOYOW adds the following features based on Homeland:

Add YOYOW account binding function via YOYOW middleware

Login through YOYOW account via YOYOW middleware

Add asset function to view the balance of the account assets and detailed changes

Manage backstage add asset distribution function

Improve the new homepage, support the classification of headlines, etc.

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