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YOYOW V2.0.0

YOYOW APP V2.0.0 has been released, a new upgrade.

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● Version: YOYOW APP V1.2
● 1.The UI interface is fully upgraded to optimize the user's interaction experience. 2.Account number:Multiple account switching. 3.Platform voting:Voting extra time. 4.Optimized the "information sales" function to create a personalized store. 5.Added support for multi-function QR code; multi-function QR code supports the following operations: asset transfer, account import, platform authorization, platform login, DAPP jump. 6.dApp:Open dApp access.

Language: Chinese/English


● YOYOW is a blockchain-based media public blockchain.
●This wallet is web-based application software, running on browser.
● Connecting through a trusted node, managing your YOYO assets here becomes easy.

Language: Chinese/English

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